Advertisment Breaks New Ground with AI-Themed Radio Show

Grammy-winning artist ventures into radio with a new AI-themed show, co-hosted by an AI entity, qd.pi. The show aims to highlight the potential of AI in music and foster engaging discussions on AI-related topics.

Dil Bar Irshad
New Update Breaks New Ground with AI-Themed Radio Show

In a remarkable fusion of music and artificial intelligence, Grammy-winning artist and leader of the Black Eyed Peas,, is set to launch a new radio show, ' Presents the FYI Show'. This groundbreaking show, slated to debut on SiriusXM's The 10s Spot on January 25, will air weekly on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET. What sets this show apart is its unique co-host, qd.pi ('cutie pie'), an artificial intelligence entity, marking a first for SiriusXM.


Unprecedented Partnership

Together, and qd.pi will cover an array of topics, ranging from music and pop culture to technology and artificial intelligence discussions. qd.pi's role is vital, providing quick insights and context on a myriad of topics, leveraging its ability to rapidly access and process information. This unique partnership aims to create a dynamic and engaging listening experience by blending's expressiveness with qd.pi's analytical prowess.

Interactive AI-Powered Show


The FYI app, an AI-powered communication and creative collaboration tool developed by, fuels the interactive aspects of the show. The debut episode promises intriguing discussions about technology, sound, and cars with notable guest rapper Xzibit. Future episodes will host industry figures like Grammys CEO Harvey Mason jr.

A Visionary's Journey has been deeply invested in AI platforms since 2012, and this innovative show is perceived as an extension of his futuristic vision. The artist also shared insights on the creation of the hit song 'I Gotta Feeling', highlighting its uplifting message during the challenging times of the 2008 financial crisis.

While the use of AI in music composition has faced criticism for producing generic and soulless content, this unique collaboration seeks to challenge that narrative. The show aims to highlight the potential of AI in crafting music and to engage audiences in compelling discussions on the intersection of AI and everyday life.